Why a Poker Table at Your Reception Isn’t a Crazy Idea

Typically, a wedding reception is all about traditional elements: a DJ (or band), speeches by friends and family, and plenty of dancing. This is for the best, because the formula works! Wedding receptions are terrific parties and celebrations of newlywed couples. At the same time though, we shouldn’t blindly assume that the formula can’t be shaken up.

This is actually something we’re seeing a little bit more of these days. Everything from selfie sticks at tables to the placement of lawn games outside the main reception area is being used to make receptions a little bit more dynamic. And one more option that’s unorthodox but interesting is to rent a poker table to set up at the reception.

It may sound strange, but there are a few reasons it’s not so crazy….

The Chance at a Professional Touch

Years ago, we posted about ways to WOW a reception, and included the idea of hiring a professional entertainer. Typically this would mean someone to do a special dance or musical performance — or maybe even someone to do some magic or comedy. But the core idea is to bring in a professional touch or the festivities, and a poker dealer can serve the same purpose. There’s just something impressive about a professionally run poker game, and this makes hiring an experienced dealer to run such games at a pro-quality, rented table a classy, fun touch.

A More Relaxed Game

One reason poker at a wedding might seem a little crazy is that many associate the game with high-pressure situations. The online version of the game so many play involves real competition against anonymous opponents, sometimes with money on the line. And playing poker in a casino means exchanging cash, sitting alongside experienced strangers, and adhering to important strategies and strict rules. If this is how you think of poker though, remember that at its core it’s just a fun card game! A table at a wedding reception doesn’t have to come with any of the pressure of an online tournament or casino experience. It’s just an entertaining diversion friends can enjoy together.

An Incentive to Socialize

Okay, so the idea of “meeting somebody at a wedding” has always been a little bit overblown — particularly now that dating apps comprise the most popular ways to meet a spouse. You probably won’t meet your soulmate at a wedding reception poker table. But there’s still plenty to be said for socializing, be it with close friends, old friends, or new people. This doesn’t always happen when people are spending most of their time sitting at assigned tables and dancing with their own dates. But at a poker table or two, with people coming and going, there’s an incentive to strike up conversations with others sitting down to play. Basically, it’s a nice, subtle way to get people mingling outside their own groups.

Activity Without Dancing

Finally, it’s worthwhile to consider poker so that guests have an alternative to dancing! Sure, most people tend to get out on the dance floor, and even cringe-worthy dance situations (like goofy choreography or lyrics that don’t suit a wedding) are usually amusing more than anything else. But the bottom line is some people aren’t comfortable dancing, or may just be a little shy about it. A side activity, be it poker or anything else of the sort, gives these people a way to mingle and enjoy themselves without having to feel uncomfortable.

For all of these reasons, a poker table can actually be a nice touch at a wedding reception. It may seem odd or disruptive, but the reality is that a single table or a small poker corner isn’t going to take away from the celebration. It will, however, offer one more fun, low-pressure way for guests to hang out and enjoy themselves.

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