Monogram Lighting

Put Your Name in Lights!
Calgary DJ Lighting

Have you ever wanted to see your name in lights?

Who hasn’t!

Your wedding day is the perfect time to have your name showing large and bright, and we make it easier than ever to achieve! This simple effect will add a major wow factor to your event and draw the attention of your guests all evening long!

Using our catalog of monogram lighting designs you can choose from 16 base design options. Each of these options can then be customized to include your name and wedding date, and the fonts used can also be customized to match your wedding stationary or invitations.

Once you have decided on your favorite set of options its as easy as letting us know your choices. We then send this off to our designers who get back to us with a proof within a business day – and often in as little as a few hours!

Once you have approved the design the monogram is sent off to for final production. The gobo, as we call it in the industry, can be produced from laser cut steel or etched glass. Laser cut steel is the more affordable option, but etched glass produces a cleaner looking final image.

If you didn’t find a design in our catalog that suits your tastes don’t worry! We can always put together a completely new monogram for you based upon your existing artwork or design something completely from scratch!

And get this – a completely new option is coming soon! Animated monogram lighting will not only put your name in lights, but will draw attention to itself the entire time it is running!


PS – This isn’t just for weddings either! We can project your company or project logo just as easily!

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