Amber & Eric’s Wedding – A Flood Story

DeWinton Community Hall
We started planning Amber & Eric’s wedding in the spring of 2012. Plenty of time to nail down all of the plans and make sure everything was perfect. But then the worst flood to ever hit Alberta happened. Amber & Eric’s wedding took place the same weekend as the historic 2013 Calgary floods, but that didn’t stop us from throwing the best party possible. I shared the stage with the fantastic Moonshine Express from Vancouver who were to play the first dance song and the beginning portion of the evening. 12 hours before the wedding though they were stuck in Banff due to closed highways. But Scraggly Dan (the drummer) is Eric’s brother and he wasn’t missing the wedding for the world. They packed up their gear at 2am in Banff and made an epic 12 hour drive to make it to DeWinton in time for the ceremony.
Guests had their original hotel plans scuttled when downtown Calgary was evacuated. Amber managed to secure 50 hotel rooms for guests at the last minute. But due to closed roads most guests had to take a nearly 2.5 hour long detour (the trip is usually 30 minutes) to make it to the wedding. Amber & Eric’s wedding story was even picked up by news outlets across the country and was featured on the Huffington Post where you can see an interview with Amber & Eric a few days after the wedding. Ultimately though – we threw a completely awesome party together and everything was beautiful, even with destruction taking place all around us. Amber & Eric were an absolutely fantastic couple to be with and we were even able to celebrate the 1st Birthday of their son, Theo, with them. Thank you Amber & Eric for including us! Venue: DeWinton Community Hall Band: Moonshine Express

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